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One of the most animated, energetic and captivating man you will ever meet!

  • Founded in 1990

  • Selmer, Tennessee 38375

  • Short Description

    Cars for Kids USA is a charity devoted to raising money for childrens charities, from putting on Car and hot rod shows and drag racing events

  • General Information

    Larry Price, its founder. was born in 1946, in McNairy County TN. And by the age 8 had already discovered a love of cars. in... fact he was tending the fields by tractor by 8 years old. At 14 he bought his first car, a 41 Ford, with no motor.
    He put a 327 in it, and his love of speed started. As soon as he had put that motor in it, he was racing. And a legend was being born. To satisfy his love of speed he bought The Phantom. A 1966, 427, 425HP, Chevy Caprice. This car is famous for being the car that the only vehicle that the well known Sheriff Buford Pusser could never out run, purely as friends of course.
    Throughout the 60s and 70s, Larry became one of the top street racers in the country. Rarely beaten, Larry continued to be a larger than life character.

  • In the Fall '88 his son was racing bicycles and had a serious accident. Larry prayed and said "as long as his son lived and was able to help him, he would dedicate himself to raising money to help children all over the nation". The rest his history. Larry formed "Cars for Kids, Southern Style Inc." and proceeded to stage car events, hot rod racing, tractor pulls and the like all over the mid south. During the next 24 years Larry and his volunteers have been involved in helping to raise over $3 million for a variety of kids charities, and have helped with organizing 100s of shows.

    The current team, Include Larry himself. Bobby Umsted chassis builder, bodywork, and driver. Chad Price engine builder and driver. Tom Cox, Cameraman. Sandy Sanders, Photography and judge. And many others, too many to mention in this short piece. 

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